Double Take

Double Take

Mothers of Twins Club

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart is a community support arm of our club. It serves two main purposes:

1.  To support our members during rough times with our “Meals for Members.” We create meal trains where club members deliver meals to individuals in our club going through an illness or soon after the birth of their twins or another child.


2.  To support new mothers of twins through our “Anniversary Basket.” Through this sweet and generous tradition commemorating the Double Take MOTC’s anniversary, members sign up to donate baby items that are collected and combined into one or more gift baskets. Every year, the Anniversary Baskets, along with information about our club, are given to the mother of the first twin babies delivered in the month of July at Northwest Community Hospital.

If you would like to sign up to provide meals for members or donate to the anniversary basket (beginning each year around March), please contact Judy Devereaux at or look for a sign-up sheet at our monthly meetings.  If you and/or another member are in need of meals, please contact Judy Devereaux so she can make arrangements as quickly as possible.